Anybody know a web-based tool to create Apache mod_rewrite rules to suggest individuals with simple .htaccess inquiries to?

I am considering simple standard situations:

  • Simple redirects (url1=>url2)

  • Getting rid of / adding www.

  • /a/b/c/d to index.php?value1=a&value2=b...

and so forth and so forth....

I am asking since most mod_rewrite questions arriving on SO might be clarified having a connect to that, and help people help themselves (well, help so far as "help" complements an electrical generator tool you can use without really needing to find out how things work.)

Much more such questions might be solved having a connect to the manual or perhaps a tutorial.

When we provide merely a connect to an electrical generator, the solution doesn't have educational value, and can result only in additional trivial questions requested. I'd recommend reading through answers to this question form meta, which consists of some relevant discussion.

Nevertheless, a fast google search has came back some helpful results: