Im searching to implement b .internet remoting system, where numerous clients will require use of a server database. Client calls might be concurrent, but Im attempting to queue client demands towards the database to prevent concurrent database access.

Im just learning .internet remoting and also have find out about singlecall, singleton and client triggered objects. Do these techniques do things i want or at best support things i want?

Also, must i be utilising .internet remoting or perhaps is what you want WCF?



You might like to take a look at developing a WCF Data Service. You need to certainly see this instead of Remoting.

The bottom line is, technology-not only to reveal an Entity Framework or Linq to SQL model like a Webservice. It's pretty neat!

Marc Gravell has an excellent blog publish around the subject:

Update: I'm not sure if you're able to configure the information service itself to queue demands, however, you might have the ability to do it by setting up IIS to queue the demands for you personally. There'll most likely be considered a web.config setting will get it done.

One request at any given time is a little of the odd requirement though... WCF Data Services do support positive concurrency, might that be superior suitable for your requirements? Without a lot of your needs it's merely a guess, but it is worth thinking about.

I am unsure why you are attempting to achieve one request at any given time, but it is worth wondering if there's an easy method of achieving your ultimate goal. Restricting database use of one user at any given time appears very heavy handed in my experience.

.Internet Remoting continues to be deprecated in support of WCF. You shouldn't be utilising it for just about any new development.