I had been programming something in moodle web-application and was considering locating the road from the account images.

I believed I possibly could discover the path somewhere within the database however i only reached mdl_user.picture and mdl_user.imagealt, so practically I understand that has submitted an image but can't reach which picture he/she submitted.

It is possible to method of getting it in the database?

Interesting help,


If you would like the look tag you should use print_user_picture() and pass the consumer object that you simply got in the database. You may also specify how big the look. To print the entire size user picture for that current user you could do this

global $USER, $COURSE;

print_user_picture($USER, $COURSE->id, null, true);

Otherwise if you want only the url you've do make a move such as this


$size = array('large' => 'f1', 'small' => 'f2');

$src = false;
if ($user->picture) {
   $src = get_file_url($user->id.'/'.$size['large'].'.jpg', null, 'user');