Let me set my database to timeout demands that don't complete within a set fee of your time, to be able to prevent outlier demands from monopolizing the whole application.

Can there be anything I'm able to increase my Rails configuration files to be able to set this?

I attempted to include a line I saw frequently online of timeout: 5000 to my database.yml, but that did not appear to work.

I attempted to create calls to ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute('set statement_timeout to 5000') within the atmosphere.rb but that triggers Rails to error out.

I am managing a Postgres database on Heroku, where I don't have direct database access, hence I am unable to do that with database configuration directly. Even when I remotely execute that command in the Heroku console, they are able to restart my application anytime, and when this is not re-performed because the application begins, my change will get lost.

Do this syntax:

SET statement_timeout = 5000;

Got this working, just required to range from the line in atmosphere.rb in the very finish, instead of at first or perhaps in the block.