i wish to begin a website. it will be a little community based website. i have learned a reasonable little bit of ruby on rails and am likely to utilize it. however, i have not used a production website before. i have just practiced during my local computer. i needed to be aware what would be the things i have to deploy the web site on the web. what's the best spot to obtain a domain title and website hosting, esp for ruby on rails sites. how are cloud based services like amazon . com EC2 etc not the same as a conventional hosting company. the industry better option. what else might i have to caused by deploy an internet site. also i could happen to possess a lot of customers later on. so how to pull off planning scalability issues. how you can sites like twitter, fmylife.com etc all start this stuff.

http://heroku.com is the site to visit for rails hosting - it is simple to get a application ready to go inside a production atmosphere

this publish will guide you through buying a website title and becoming the application ready to go on heroku - http://web.elctech.com/2009/05/17/heroku--to-60-in-15-minutes/

if this involves scalability - watch all the videos on this website: http://railslab.newrelic.com/scaling-rails - it will what it really states around the container

hope it will help

I highly recommend you opt for DreamHost, (world wide web.dreamhost.com), their hosting can be quite cheap and reliable, the suggestion for this originated from the Ruby Guru Peter Cooper themself, after i requested him a few days ago.

They've passenger support the industry jewel to get your rails application to operate on Apache (Which everyone knows :]) you will find coupons for this everywhere which will eventually make you pay only 19.00 for hosting + domain (That is what i compensated :D) for any year.

These is the Ruby on Rails wiki : wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/Ruby_on_Rails

And this can be a site using the information on pre-installed gems and the like : http://rails.dreamhosters.com/

Their documentation for Rails application on their own servers is unequalled.

I personally use A2 Hosting. They're really professional, responsive and I have found their prices reasonable (a minimum of a few years ago when I was searching around).

They will use CPanel, so Capistrano is unthinkable. I have not used at all Capistrano before so I am unsure things i missing.

The professionals:

  • they're quick to reply to emails (usually within a few hrs)
  • give ssh access
  • plenty of KB,wikis, etc to assist
  • CPanel is fairly simple to use

The cons:

  • they need to install gems for you personally, because most require root access. So you have to plan in advance.
  • Cpanel could be cumbersome sometimes. (I possibly could use command line for beginning &lifier preventing the database) but I have to really get into CPanel to begin &lifier stop the rails application.

I personally use github for my repository. After I visited deploy, here's what Used to do:

  • git pull github MyBranch
  • log into CPanel, create DB and add my rails application towards the rails application manager
  • rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=”production”
  • return into CPanel and begin the application

That's virtually it. Not so complicated.

The only real factor I'd change is always to start &lifier stop the mongrel instance from command line. There's a means to do it nevertheless its not too simple.

Best Of Luck! Hope this can help.

Heroku is the greatest option. Very simple for development.

Also found this website http://findrailshosting.com which lists a few cheap rails hosting options.