I'm a designer guy not really a programmer. My coding abilities are html, css plus some jquery tweaks to match me, however i come to some extent where i think i have to become familiar with a real language. What i am doing now's working with Textpattern or Wordpress(however i dont enjoy it) after i need some dynamic site. So my real question is: is RoR viable for me personally or perhaps is to overwhelming. Must I stay with my unique circumstances and become and average content management systems "tweaker" or become familiar with a new language to enhance my toolbox? I requested this same question on another forum and 90% from the replies where to understand PHP and use wordpress ( however the code ....). I've the Learn how to Program and also the Agile Web Design with Rails books and when time passes with RoR maybe must i buy also Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial Live Training book+video that helped me to out? Please play the role of impartial as you possibly can within the advices :) Thanks ahead of time

All solutions could be biased so you cannot provide you with a solution only perspectives.

It's very good to understand a programming language, a minimum of to know the restrictions of site building.

Rails is excellent but any comparison could be doubtful.

Visit http://railsforzombies.org and also have a try directly inside your browser

Selecting a server-side language is dependent on taste and incredibly subjective. Every one has their benefits and disadvantages, but I am sure you will know already.

If you wish to opt for Ruby and curently have some knowledge about Javascript (even when only jQuery) then you may begin with an easy-weight framework like Sinatra. The training curve is less steep than in comparison to Rails and when you understand Ajax and Relaxation, the majority of the coding will occur around the client side in Javascript anyway.

This is exactly why additionally to teaching yourself Ruby I'd highly recommend to acquaint with "real" Javascript programming. Choose a framework of your liking and adjust it to become accustomed to the concepts of methods these frameworks communicate with the server.

When you mastered these concepts and also have a good knowledge of the interaction between client-side and server-side code you are able to move onto some thing sophisticated like Rails. This does not imply that Sinatra could be inferior by any means, it is simply that Rails does a great deal underneath the hood for you personally, but in the cost to be more difficult and therefore harder to understand and completely understand.

I gave some good examples permanently Javascript books recently, you might look there for inspiration.

Choice of Ruby books

Basic level:


Rails books

Still, it's also wise to a minimum of take a look at PHP and Python and typically the most popular frameworks there. Or give node.js an attempt should you already like Javascript very well. When I stated, it's a summary choice and perhaps you appear at one of these and think on your own "Hey, that is things i wanted constantly!Inch... For me personally, this happened with Ruby, but I am sure exactly the same factor happened for other people utilizing their language of preference, too. There's no "best language" - but there can be the very best language for you personally, so a minimum of you need to try them and consider a number of them.