I've produced a hello FastCGI prog in C

#include <fcgi_stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

int count;
void initialize(void)
int main(void)

  while (FCGI_Accept() >= 0)
    printf("Content-type: text/html\r\n"
     "<title>FastCGI Hello! (C, fcgi_stdio library)</title>"
     "<h1>FastCGI Hello! (C, fcgi_stdio library)</h1>"
     "Request number %d running on host <i>%s</i>\n",
      ++count, getenv("REMOTE_HOST"));
  return 1;

I Quickly put together this program using "gcc -o hello1 hello1.c -lfcgi"

This produced "hello1" executable file during my home directory (in ubuntu) After I went this file, I acquired output as:

Content-type: text/html

<title>FastCGI Hello! (C, fcgi_stdio library)</title><h1>FastCGI Hello! (C, fcgi_stdio library)</h1>Request number 1 running on host <i>(null)</i>

I wish to run this file from opera. Since I Have am a new comer to this, I do not have any understanding of it. Can anyone, provide me with detailed ans, what all steps I have to follow to operate it through internet browser. I attempted typing the URL as "http://localhost/fcgi-bin/hello1" after copying the 'hello1" file to /etc/apache/fcgi-bin/hello1.fcgi however it gave 404 error

You'd still have to range from the .fcgi extension around the url: