I'm attempting to personalize a Wordpress theme. I've got a function in styles/functions.php that I must operate on some pages.

I have to be to:

  1. Identify the page ID to find out if the function should execute
  2. Pick which hook to add the function to (ideally something similar to page load.


The file functions.php is perfect for theme specific functions known as within your theme. If this sounds like a style specific function then your function call ought to be within the header (or wherever you would like the creation of the function to look) via <?php my_function() ?>.

Hooks are for plug ins, not template specific code.

If you're within the Loop, you'll be able to call <?php the_ID() ?> as WarrenB stated. If you're outdoors from the loop, then <?php echo $publish->ID?> prints the page ID.

Towards the questions you posed, given you need to choose on id #9, run your loop such as this:



   if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_publish()

      // Do whatever on publish id #9


<?php endwhile else: ?>

      // Do whatever on the rest of the posts

<?php endif ?>

If the is not the solution you are searching for, please increase the information for your question.