I have to deploy a Silverlight 2. application for an Apache Server, but it is under Linux.

Is possible? I am talking about, Will I need .Internet 3.5 set up in the server and an internet site that may execute Asp.Internet?

Thank you for you help...

When the apache server is simply serving in the silverlight application with no ASPX pages then you ought to be fine. Silverlight is really a client side technology therefore it should not require .Internet around the server (unless of course obviously you're hosting the silverlight application with an ASPX page).

If you wish to see the silverlight content from the client machine running linux then you will have to consider setting up Moonlight as Mike stated.

EDIT: Tim Sneath includes a blog publish that describes what must be set up on the internet server to have the ability to host silverlight content. In a nutshell you'll need configure the next MIME types:

.xaml - application/xaml+xml

.xap - application/x-silverlight-application

I needed to define more MIME types than KevB indicates:

application/manifest            .manifest

application/xaml+xml            .xaml

application/x-ms-application    .application

application/x-ms-xbap           .xbap

application/octet-stream        .deploy

application/vnd.ms-xpsdocument  .xps

You need to make the most of silverlight streaming. It's free up to ten mins of video @ 1.4 Megabyte per second.

Instructions here: