Can there be in whatever way will be able to setup Apache to operate in your area, particularly NOT hooking up to the web, to ensure that it might serve dynamic content (PHP) on the LAN?

I am trying to setup an improvement atmosphere on my small Home windows XP SP3 box and gain some knowledge about building web PHP driven web programs. I've residential Rogers service, and it is a breach from the TOS to possess a server ruling that connection.

Umm yes. Just download apache and fire up. The only method it is going to arrive at the outdoors is that if you particularly open ports inside your firewall/router to allow http traffic in and route it for your machine. And when you are seriously interested in benefiting from experience, ditch XP and obtain an excellent linux distro in your "development" box. You could remote desktop or ssh into it from the home windows machine if you think much more comfortable this way.

My experience continues to be that lots of website hosts use CentOs for his or her client servers, so I'd recommend trying that first when the purpose is attaining helpful experience.

Oh incidentally, Linux is actually free.

You should use WAMP. It installs everything you may require a testing server ready to go within a few minutes

Utilizing a packed solution like WAMP or XAMPP provides you with the fundamentals for establishing an Apache web server + PHP + MySQL + the phpMyAdmin interface for dealing with MySQL outdoors from the command line.