I've got a set up and running setup that i'm searching to optimize. I don't want to swap out Apache for gunicorn or any other options at this time.

My setup is really:

Ubuntu 11.04 Default nginx from apt-get Default apache from apt-get

Nginx serves static files, and passes application demands right through to Apache. Apache may have between 5-8 Django projects (ie - distinct websites). Promising small to medium traffic. Apache has only django projects (offered via mod_wsgi) - I do not need php or something that Django doesn't need.

In the default Ubuntu/Apache, what mods can one disable, and are there more configuration tweaks I'm able to do in order to more brilliantly use assets on my small machine.

You should use WSGIOptimize choice to make all of your .py files into .pyo. You may also use Memcached make it possible for cache. This blog describes how you can run several django sites in a single daemon. It's stated to become helpful just in case where you have to serve lots of sites, each with low traffic. This consists of tips from Jacob Kaplan-Moss.

One configuration tweak is the fact that, if you do not need apache for everyone other things than django sites, ditch apache completely.

Make use of a devoted WSGI server like uwsgi ( http://projects.unbit.it/uwsgi/ ) or gunicorn ( http://gunicorn.org/ ). They're well recorded and so have less resource usage.