I'm searching for a method to run an executable around the server and display its UI within the browser, to ensure that the consumer can interact. Is it feasible? If that's the case, please suggest some methods of methods I ought to do that.

I believe this may have something related to Expensive, Flex, ActiveX (determine which relevant), but I don't know which is the reason why I'm really asking this.

Before you decide to request, "Exactly what do I want this for?", I must produce a simple Intranet website for my local network to ensure that my relatives may use couple of programs using their browsers rather than network shares or remote desktop connections.

The web site is going to be completed in PHP and running on Apache.

Any ideas, people?

This really is difficult since you cannot like magic transform the UI of individuals programs to some UI that will render inside a browser. Also, your Delphi programs likely do not have any entry ways to handle HTTP based demands. Even when you can provide individuals via PHP you'd still need to delegate these to the executable then in some way, so your Delphi application must supply the full functionality using a command line interface or similar means.

EDIT discovered https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AO-qca9ddqg. The recording shows how you can run programs constructed with a GTK3 UI, like GIMP, within the browser. The applying is run and maintained completely around the server. PHP does have bindings for GTK though not for GTK3, so while it isn't presently possible, it's theoretically.