I am trying to setup WAMP server. I have got Apache working properly, and I have installed mod_wsgi with no hitch.

Issue is, I am using virtual conditions (using virtualenv) for my projects. So clearly, mod_wsgi is getting problems finding my installing of Django.

I am attempting to know how I'm able to get mod_wsgi to be effective using the virtualenvs. The documentation appears to consider this is not possible:

Observe that the WSGIPythonHome directive are only able to be utilized on UNIX systems and isn't on Home windows systems. The reason being on Home windows systems the position of the Python DLL appears to become what dictates where Python will search for the Python library files. It's not known at this time how you could produce a distinct baseline atmosphere in addition to the primary Python installation on Home windows.

Came from here: mod_wsgi + virtualenv docs.

Does anybody possess some idea how to make this happen?

You are able to activate the atmosphere programmatically from Python adding this for your .wsgi file before posting other things.

From virtualenv's docs:

Sometimes you cannot or don't wish to make use of the Python interpreter produced by the virtualenv. For example, inside a mod_python or mod_wsgi atmosphere, there's just one interpreter.

Fortunately, it is not difficult. You have to make use of the custom Python interpreter to set up libraries. But to make use of libraries, you simply have to be certain the road is correct. A script can be obtained to correct the road. You are able to setup the atmosphere like:

activate_this = '/path/to/env/bin/activate_this.py'
execfile(activate_this, dict(__file__=activate_this))

This can change sys.path as well as change sys.prefix, but additionally permit you to make use of a current interpreter. Products inside your atmosphere can have up first on sys.path, before global products. However, this cannot undo the activation of other conditions, or modules which have been imported. You should not attempt to, for example, activate an atmosphere before an internet request you need to activate one atmosphere as soon as possible, and not try it again for the reason that process.