I have setup the next:

1.Customized wordpress right into a content management systems.

2.Setup the wordpress multisite network across several domain names (instead of sub domain names).

Now Among the finest to understand can you really run several wordpress sites in one database? I've 10 websites and want to operate them in one database, what will be the effects of the?

This really is purely lower to costs as my host charges per database so I'd rather not buy 10 databases (at £25 a period!).

It appears to become easy to run multiple Wordpress installations in just one mySQL database. Each installation would make use of a different table title prefix. In the installation instructions:

Single Database

Just like the multiple databases solution referred to above, the wordpress-config.php file will be different for every installation. Within this situation, however, merely a single line is going to be unique to every blog:

  $table_prefix = 'wp_'; // example: 'wp_' or 'b2' or 'mylogin_' 

Automatically, WordPress assigns the table prefix wordpress_ to the MySQL database tables, but this prefix could be whatever you choose. By exceeding one, you create unique identifiers for every blog inside your database. For instance, let us if you have three blogs to setup, using the names Primary, Projects and Test. You need to substitute the prefix wordpress_ for every blog's wordpress-config.php