I wish to run Zend site under an alias on WAMP. I can setup alias, however when I copy a functional Zend site there and modify .htaccess to incorporate "RewriteBase /alias", still it doesn't work. Error messages let me know that controller not found. Mainly this is exactly what happen:

I've: server.com/alias With Zend file structure inside (application, public, etc).

alias indicates c:/wamp/applications/alias Where Zend structure is saved.

.htaccess has line: RewriteBase /alias

When I understand server.com/alias should behave as root folder, but it is not. Basically run Zend site under root folder everything works fine then.

Do you know me how you can correctly setup alias to operate Zend site on WAMP? Thanks.

I believe however , your rewrite rules does not work nicely. have a look at this.