I'm a a new comer to Linux/ Virtual Box. I'm writing a credit card applicatoin that is supposed be operate on Virtualized env as well as on stand alone linux machines and also the application should really do different task in line with the atmosphere .

I must identify on runtime, if my application is running on virtualized env (Virtual Box with guest OS as ubuntu and host OS as home windows) Or maybe the application is running on stand alone Linux (ubuntu) machine.

Can there be any env / config file inside the ubuntu OS that will let me know the particulars needed.

Initially i considered, differentiation according to VBoxGuestAddition installable might help, but guestAddition installation isn't mandatory on all VBox machine.

Can there be any alternate method for this identification.

I'm searching for some command or some unique file that will tell that my application is running in virtual box or otherwise.

Any help in connection with this can be really useful.