I've a credit card applicatoin which i want customers to have the ability to make use of a CNAME for implementing wildcard DNS subdomains.

Therefore if a person has got the username "user1" they get user1.myapp.com

I curently have this: http://partner2.wlapi.com/ (alter the subdomain to anything, also it passes that variable and echoes it)

Now... I'm trying to puzzle out how you can CNAME "partner2.wlapi.com" or other user subdomain.

I'm trying now to visit NameCheap.com then use CNAME for "www" and set "partner2.wlapi.com"

However it does not appear to become working.

I'm using MediaTemple.internet the fundamental account. Will require I want a unique devoted server hosting to get this done?

Can there be some code that I must do on my small side to obtain the work? I'm using PHP incidentally. :)

Thank you for any help!