I've got a specific page on my small WordPress installation (this is an actual Page in WordPress, simply with Pretty Web addresses) and I wish to password-safeguard it by having an .htaccess file presented to me.

For instance, the page is http://www.myawesomewebsite.com/members . I would like only a few customers to gain access to it, as well as their user and password are saved within an .htpasswd file.

The .htaccess file the customer delivered to me is

AuthUserFile /put the path to the password file here
AuthGroupFile /dev/null
AuthType Basic

<Limit GET POST>
require valid-user

I have to make use of this parameters to safeguard this WordPress page. I am going insane and my searches are resulting in nowhere. Any guesses?

All that you should do is defined the .htaccess file within the "people" directory after which point the very first line to some password file. To produce passwords file simply do:

htpasswd -c MyPasswordFile username
htpasswd MyPasswordFile anotherusername

Here is a good reference:


Wordpress enables you to definitely safeguard the web pagesOrarticles using password ( and it is rather easyer to follow this path compared to htaccess ) : visit wordpress-admin, edit the page/publish you love to keep private but allow use of some customers too, and right underneath the "preview changes" button you will see "Status: Released Edit" and beneth it "Visibility: Public Edit" click on the visibility edit, choose the Password Protected radiobox ( or private for your matter ) enter your password striking Ok . You ought to be all set .