I am creating this site and was curious, before Time passes rip another person's ideas, what were the salient factors and questions you ought to request in creating a database?


I believe the most crucial real question is, "The reason for doing the work (the Content management systems, not the site)?" This is well-trod ground. Unless of course you've some really innovative ideas and different experience into the way you would like it to be achieved ... as well as your question indicates that you simply most likely don't ... you'd most likely be superior-offered by selecting a current solution.

In 99% of cases, writing a Content management systems is just busy work with re-inventing the wheel. You will find a lot of open-source CMSs available will be able to almost guarantee you'll find one which will meet your requirements.

Nevertheless, if you are still going to write your personal, I'd only write just as much functionality since you need. Writing a Content management systems could be a simple task. But it is among individuals stuff that may become a convoluted nightmare of overlapping, unused features. Only write the thing you need, and you will add features because the need arises.

Case off the top my mind:

  • Content organization ought to be your primary concerns. How's it going likely to organize all of the disparate bits of content?
  • Security, and what levels? must you only secure a chance to edit any content? certain bits of content? What about viewing of content, does that should be guaranteed by any means?
  • Versioning of content?
  • Multilingual?
  • What type of content? Simple text? images? videos? blog posts?

Which should a minimum of enable you to get began in thinking within the right direction.