I am applying login and registration for multiple domain names that speak with just one database - we'll give them a call i.domain-a.com and i.domain-b.com. These two subdomains possess a records within the DNS that could indicat just one server - thus making i.domain-a.com/hello.php and i.domain-b.com/hello.php run exactly the same factor.

So, basically produce a session on domain A, i quickly can turn to domain B and retrieve exactly the same session information. To implement completely separate login systems for of these that utilise exactly the same PHP functions I've written to deal with registration, must i make a move with session_title() according to $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']? I am unsure how similar my situation would be to this person, and hope this is not too similar.

Periods/snacks are domain-specific and do not depend on DNS configurations. If you would like both system's periods to become separate when they survive separate domain names you are already ready.

In my opinion session_title() would have really been the very best solution for your other man's question, two separate periods on a single domain.

To prevent issues with periods you need to use the session_title('myapplication') [ session_title(Application_ID) ].

The issue you're mentioning can happen in additional simple situations where there's an administration panel along with a sign-in form for that customers of the site.

If session_title sits dormant a signed-in user could have the admin. panel but this is dependent around the auth. plan and mechanism you've implemented.


No. The mechanism that stops different customers obtaining the same session creates a per server basis, not really a per hostname basis.