I'm using wordpress for any website. It's in development i don't possess a connect to it atm.

My customer want to have his wife edit/correct the web pages he creates, because he's dyslectic.

For brand new pages, it's easy: just save the page like a draft. Wife can sign in and edit, site visitors cannot begin to see the page yet.

For existing pages, i'm not sure how you can to ensure that. Can you really - change a current page AND - keep your existing page visible for site visitors AND - hide the up-to-date page from site visitors (ensure that it stays as draft)?

I favor getting a wordpress plugin/mod/extension that performs this, but else i'll code it myself. Interesting time.


This has lately been talked about at wordpress.se.com: http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/3986/is-there-any-way-to-draft-a-revision-of-a-published-page-or-post-what-workaround

Regrettably, there's presently no solution for this but in order to save the draft like a new page. Based on the linked discussion you can create a button that saves as draft, but you'd need to develop the wordpress plugin yourself.

It isn't a really clean solution, but cut and paste in the released page right into a new draft, refer to it as "Draft of..." and it a draft for editing. Once the editing is done, cut and paste in to the released page increase, then remove the draft.

Should you click "quick edit" inside your page list, it'll then provide you with the drop-lower menu to alter it to some draft. Required us a while to find that out.

Browse the Revisionary Wordpress Wordpress plugin:


It produces a brand new user type: revisor who are able to suggest edits to existing pages that must definitely be approved by an Admin or Editor, as well as enables Admins and Editors to produce draft copies of existing content to become released later.