During my website project, I have to upload the finish-user's pdf files and save them. every 3 several weeks I suppose to get around 2000 pdf files with 2MB size for every pdf. What's the best answer? saving the files in difficult-disk (inside a folder) and save file-address within the DB < or > saving the files directly inside a blob-area within the db(MySQL)


Saving considerable amounts of binary data as BLOBs is not recommended since the benefits over utilizing a regular file system are minimal and also the strain on the DBMS is elevated. Storing personal files around the disk and file's title within the DB is really a better idea.

One factor to keep in mind would be to avoid putting all files into single directory (this will decelerate the file system once the files are utilized). Place them into subdirectories and employ initial few figures from the file title because the title from the subdirectory.

I believe a great rule thumb would be to choose which resource cost less for you personally, disk-space or memory. Whether it's the after choose db-based solution, otherwise make use of the file system.

With that said, the thought of storing 2MB pdf files storing as BLOBs in MySQL does not seem so efficient.