I'm doing a bit of weekend coding exercises. I've got a table that consists of some good info about, say, a person or user. Now I wish to store images with this user. I've two options:

  1. Save the look from user class towards the same table that consists of other user information.

  2. Save the look to a different table that we can make on separate filegroup within the db and put id of image in user table (or put user id in images table).

The best idea approach of those two, and can perform better?

I believe the 2nd approach is much better. Getting the blobs saved inside a separate table with foreign key relation would perform better. Gleam third option: keep image around the hard disk and store the road to the look within the user table.

In case your DB is stabilized, then a great way (for me) is to save images in separate table with foreign key regards to customers table.