I have got about 40 lines of .Internet code inside a console application that read and Feed and store information inside a database. I want this code to complete every evening as lengthy because the Feed is available (indefinitely). Presently, I simply launch the console application. from my desktop computer.

Because I can not trust myself to consider to get this done every evening, I in some way must have this code located. Let me in some way have this application. or code (it might be easily place in an ASP.Internet page codebehind and triggered to complete once the page loads) run instantly without me needing to run the console application. by hand.

Any ideas?

EDIT: I'd rather not run this code from my computer I can not guarantee my computer won't be hibernating or attached to the Internet every evening.

EDIT: At this time I am thinking spawn a credentials thread using BackgroundWorker in Application_Start of global.asax, get it download the Feed daily, and Thread.Sleep() the relaxation of times.

You could utilize the Home windows built-in task scheduler to begin the console application.

Although questionable, Shaun Atwood blogged about how exactly they accomplished this for SO using cache expiration. Take a look at http://blog.stackoverflow.com/2008/07/easy-background-tasks-in-aspnet/.

You could utilize an identical method and schedule the cache to run out at that time you would like the procedure to start.

I recommend simply using the 'at' command rather than getting this small application located somewhere.

C:>at /?

The AT command agendas instructions and programs to operate on the computer at

a particular starting time and date. The Schedule service should be running to make use of

the AT command.

Email your webhost. Some handled hosts sets up a scheduled job for you.

They'll have in all probability different guidelines concerning how to call a scheduled task (i.e. some may need so that it is an aspx page and never an EXE)

There is a similar question on serverfault.com regarding how to to plan a task to operate every day at 6

Perhaps you have checked out Quarta movement Scheduler for .Internet?

Quoth the tagline: Quarta movement.Internet is really a full-featured, free job arranging system you can use from littlest applications to massive enterprise systems.