Two parts for this question:

  • What are the existing file formats or software libraries you can use for scoring, archiving and/or examining cricket games?
  • What are the good examples of database schemas appropriate for recording all the particulars of the cricket game?

Cricksheet offers ball-by-ball match data for that recent year in yaml format. The specs of the yaml format are available here - .

But, I truly do not understand this 3 day factor everybody keeps speaking about. Test matches last five days, One-day matches last, well, eventually and T20 matches last near to 4 hrs.

Only exhibition first-class matches or practice matches are performed for three days, and i'm wondering why anybody is speaking about this here if that's what they're indeed speaking about.

This isn't answer, I'm putting here because I do not have sufficient indicates comment. Because you will know cricket is really a complex game and commentator needs plenty of stats to rehash over three days or even more.

So lacking someone discussing proprietary info, you most likely best creating an XML schema(might be) to keep the information.

Best of luck