I am pretty a new comer to wordpress. I had been designated to produce a custom wordpress plugin for our projects here. The wordpress plugin labored not surprisingly and there's not a problem initiating/deactivating it. After I was going through the admin panel I observed the screen choice is off. I just read from the blog somewhere that deactivating the wordpress plugin 1 by 1 to check on which wordpress plugin has triggered this. Used to do this and discovered the custom wordpress plugin I produced was the reason.

My real question is, can there be method to check what have triggered this? Some log file I'm able to consider? There's no error message or warning after i triggered the wordpress plugin which is giving the output needed. This really is my first wordpress plugin, any advice is going to be useful.

Btw, this wordpress plugin displays a comment (newest is going to be proven first) inside a widget and there's prev/next navigation to undergo the relaxation from the comments.

Thanks, RNorbe