I've already loaded the jQuery into mind section via template manger. Yes, it is loading correctly since it is loading a .php page and image into a component..

$("#divid").load("thefolder/thepage.php"); // - works great.

However , within the articles there's an problem when saving... It keeps draining the script tags. From the research I see there have been past issues with this and Joomla. It appears it got fixed with more recent releases by getting filters. But how about 1.6?

I believe I've disabled all of the text editors and text filters for each user and group! But still, after i save under super admin without any text editor it saves and reloads the page without any script tags!

div tags save ok though.

You can go straight to your database and edit the content contents inside the fields there.

Find jos_content and alter the "introtext" and "fulltext" fields.