I've lately received a current oracle database that i wish to script the various objects and it is static data to ensure that i'm able to put the objects under source code control so when necessary rebuild the database on your own.

Does anyone have scripts or tools which i could take a look at to help me.

I'd take a look at something similar to: choose dbms_metadata.get_ddl(object_type, object_title, owner) from dba_objects. Place it inside a PL/SQL procedure to create each object's DDL to the own file with UTL_FILE.

For tools I'd recommend Oracle's SQL Developer, it's both a computerized scripting for objects and it has support for many source control utilities (Resumes and Subversion particularly).

I'd be inclined to make use of either EXPORT/IMPORT (if any version up to 11g) or DATA PUMP (if 11g and perhaps 10G)

At command line around the server enter 'exp help=Y' and you ought to get enough detail on parameters. Decide if you would like the entire DB a treadmill schema, data or otherwise, etc.