I lately converted a website produced using Intuit's sitebuilder to WordPress (so don't request concerning the design/music ) ).

I am getting an unusual problem, and many google searches and stackoverflow searches have came back nothing about this.

I am using Chrome 16 as well as on all of the pages of the website, I recieve blue bars rather than normal scrollbars. I've no CSS/scripts for custom scrollbars on the website. I am speculating it is a strange Chrome css overflow: problem.

Anybody seen it before or have suggestions?


It is something inside your <embed> code. Try getting rid of it and you will see. Unsure what's leading to it though..?

<embed src="http://razorsix.andrewsfreeman.com/wp-content/themes/RazorSix for Wordpress/mp3s/shambala.mp3" autostart="true" loop="true" height="0" width="0">

Appears such as the browser "crashes" onto it. Perhaps a file error within the MP3...