We design and host websites for the clients/sales pressure. We now have our very own domain: http://world wide web.firstheartland.com

Our agents complete a number of forms on our website which are loaded right into a database. The database then renders the web site like a database driven website.




The database application reads which "repetition" the website is perfect for and also the appropriate page to show in the query string. The page then results this content and also the appropriate CSS to create the page and provide it its very own individual branding.

We now have told the consumer to make use of Domain Title Sending to find the customers for their just right our server. However, everybody appears to become being indexed under our domain rather than their very own. We're able to theoretically assign an new IP for them, the price isn't the problem.

The problem is when we'd possibly make this happen.

Wonderful nevertheless, them being indexed under our domain would be OK as lengthy because they would really appear full of the ranking for his or her search phrase.

For example, a real estate agent is the owner of TroyLThompson.com. Basically search Troy L Thompson, It doesn't appear during my search. Only, "troy thompson first heartland" works (they reveal up third)

Aside from scrapping the entire system, I'm not sure how to proceed. I am very available to ideas.

I am sure you will get this to operate since many website hosts will host 100s of web sites on one server (i.e. multiple domain names on a single IP).

I want your customers to update the nameservers for his or her domain names (i.e. DNS) to come back the Ip of your hosting server. You will want to configure your server to come back the best website in line with the domain which was initially asked for.

That needs your "database driven website" to appear within the HTTP request and appearance which domain was initially asked for, it are designed for the request accordingly.
- If you work with Apache, see how you can configure Apache to host multiple domain names on a single Ip.
- If you work with Microsoft IIS, maybe Host-Header Routing is the thing you need.

You will probably need code changes in your "database driven website" to handle these changes.

I am unsure that getting a devoted Ip per domain can help much, as then are looking for a method to host all individuals IP addresses from one web server. However, in case your web server architecture already supports a shared database and multiple servers, then that approach might work nicely for you personally, particularly if you expect the burden from some domain names to become so heavy that you'll require a devoted web server on their behalf.

The search engines do not include URL in the index which return a 301 status code. This is because pretty apparent on second thought, since the redirect informs Google "Whatever was here before has moved there, please improve your references". One solution I can tell is establishing Apache virtual hosts in your server for every exterior domain, and also have each repetition configure their domain's DNS An archive to suggest towards the Ip of the server.