I presently have an internet site domain.com. This really is my primary site. i wish to get search engine results within the united kingdom and i'm thinking about buying a website.company.united kingdom. This is a clear site that will 301 the consumer towards the primary domain.com

Is harmful to Search engine optimization?

Also, exist possible ways of applying such features?

Thanks ahead of time

In the SitePoint FAQ on Internet Search Engine Optimisation.

How can improve my ratings for country specific search?

To position better in country specific search you need to:

1) Make use of the country specific TLD

2) Host the website for the reason that country

3) Set the geographic place for the site in the search engines Website owner Tools

That's a vintage Entrance page company, it'll most likely hurt your ranking around the domain.com, Google does not like this greatly, it isn't black hat Search engine optimization, but it's Grey hat Search engine optimization without a doubt.

The other options have you got? Unsure, maybe make a website that resembles the domain.com but do not publish duplicate content.

Rather than selecting the nation level TLD ( .co.united kingdom), you are able to design a unique website landing page for audiences from the particular region.

Perform some Google places optimisation classifieds phone book Business directory review

and link to the specific website landing page( Your page can get enhanced for that particular region)