Can there be any Search engine optimization downside to utilizing a subdomain to host your blog using blogging platforms or Blogger? I'd rather not visit the trouble of making your blog module for my website - I'd rather just setup a CNAME entry and point a subdomain to some free Wordpress or Blogger account. Will Google punish me for carrying this out by declaring which i have "duplicate content" - i.e. the intro text for every blog entry is going to be on my small primary site and also the full particulars will show on Wordpress/Blogger? Could it be easier to incorporate your blog functionality into my primary site? Are there more potential disadvantages for this subdomain/exterior hosting approach utilizing a free blog host?

You will find lots of benefits of self-hosting your site.

  1. That you can do anything you want with your personal self-located blog. Using Blogging Platforms you have access to banned and lose all your content.
  2. You are able to host advertisements or and do other commercial stuff difficult using blogging platforms. (The free wordpress blog does not allow any ads apart from their very own advertisements).
  3. Better ranking chance in search engines like google with your own top-level domain.
  4. You are able to modify your functionality when needed.
  5. It appears more professional and provides you boasting privileges.
  6. Using Blogging Platforms you might run facing bandwidth limitations in case your blog will get really popular - you will not have the ability to do anything whatsoever about this.

Willem Obst answer makes some excellent points, but two serious accusations that aren't correct. I understand they are incorrect because I'm area of the team.

Num 1. If there's a ToS problem, we use our clients to solve the problem. Within the rare situation, in which a blog is suspended, the client continues to be aided with conveying their content.

Num 6.We now have no bandwidth limits and not have.

A lot of companies use free for his or her blog. Here are a few good examples can also be is really a blogging community which provides you use of a sizable audience and also the community features such as the global tag pages.

It's a terrific way to obtain a blog going, and there's no secure. Here's one particualr blog by some buddies that began using blogging and also, since gone to live in host it themselves to achieve the extra versatility Willem describes so well:

Finally towards the original question. It is a mixed bag.

The nay sayers to presenting a subdomain will concentrate on Google along with other search engines like google generally dealing with the subdomain as it is own domain with it's own authority.

The professional subdomainers will concentrate on it being another chance for any lead to Google and also the search engines like google. Out of the box the situation for the "bootup labs" example. (Although, Google's Matt Cutts more than a year ago guaranteed this was altering.)

Unrelated to Search engine optimization, many teams make use of a subdomain or separate domain altogether for web security reasons. If you notice that is on flickr.internet rather than mainly -- I realize -- because of this.

No in a single word Really advisable. Self located blogs generally have a great deal built-into them e.g autopinging