on in our clients is writing a blog besider their primary website. While their primary website is on-page one should you look for the organization title your blog is located on-page two.

They didnt wish to integrate your blog within their primary website. Currentyly the pattern from the blog url is really as adopted. They simply appended the term blog.

world wide web.companynameblog.com

To enhance results we are planning on this solution sending (via DNS) towards the IP from the blog.


We dont wanna junk e-mail Google. But really hopefully this can lead to a much better position within the results because google also recognizes that this web site really goes to the organization.

Does anybody have knowledge about this. Is a great or an awful idea?

Any advice could be very appreciated...


Define "improve results". Are you currently looking to get these to rank better for his or her company title? Or the things they blog about?

I do not observe how moving your blog for their company website like a subdomain will help to them. Webpages are judged by themselves merit, not what domain they're apart of (we are speaking about ranking, not junk e-mail control that are two various things). So simply because articles within their blog ranks well, it does not mean other pages on that website are gonna rank well, too.

You are also not attaining any bonus key phrases within the URL to ensure that is really a clean.

Should you move it you must do 301 redirects its the Web addresses within the blog and you'll lose some backlinks consequently. Plus if you are attempting to mix-promote your blog and corporate website it is simple to accomplish this by mix-connecting the 2 websites. Unless of course your blog is completely new and does not cash traction yet I wouldn't move it.

From the two options I'd certainly choose: blog.companyname.com.

Why? You receive "companyname" because the domain-title and therefore it'll be a keyword. "blog" would will also get weight to be just one keyword (subdomain). But when you can go for world wide web.companyname-blog.com, that might be better still.