We've produced an internet using Joomla Content management systems. In this website you want to implement an element through which a use can look for text within our website in addition to overall web with a couple internet search engine like yahoo or google.

Can there be any extension available that will allow someone to search site it's located on too the entire web inside a Joomla based site? The extension should allow user to choose regarding where they would like to search in current site or even the web. Preferred choice is a totally free extension.

I've been trying to find something similar to this for just two days but haven't found one and so i am requesting help here.

To supply searches in your website begin to see the MySQL Full-Text Search Functions.

To look the net, lets forget about it - you should store PB (petabytes) of storage.

Or use Google Custom Search.

I discovered my answer at: http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/search-a-indexing/site-search/9011

Thanks everybody for his or her time.