I'm wishing to implement search during my asp.internet website. I've been searching the net, but I don't know which approach to take. Here's what I'm searching for:

  • capability to search the written text in static pages on my small site
  • exclude pages or folders that I'd rather not search
  • code should be in vb.internet or c#
  • should be something I'm able to rapidly implement
  • .internet 2. or later preferred

The very best example that I've discovered to date is http://world wide web.codeproject.com/KB/programs/SearchDotnet.aspx

I love it. I'm just wishing to locate a more contemporary one. That one is designed in .Internet 1.

Thanks, Erik

Err...if you would like quick, you need to most likely opt for google integration.

My preferred internet search engine that you could implement custom is Lucene.Internet, however. There must be lots of good examples available and also the documentation is very good. Based on your level of skill, you might have the ability to have it in position rapidly....although not likely if you are a novice.