I am relatively recent to php and I have received the job of producing a tabular report. I must have the ability to perform the following using the power grid.

Fully stylable
Specify a SQL statement for that data
Pick the posts which i want display (alias names for posts could be great too)
Sorting and n-level Grouping on posts

Also, my opportunity is searching at keeping the code propriety. I ought to also point out that this is running inside a joomla site so joomla confirming components suggestions are welcome too

I would suggest you appear at simply obtaining the data yourself making use of your normal data access, outputting it in JSON format and taking advantage of a UI component like jQuery Datatables to show the resulting data. The datatables component is dual licensed under GPLv2 and BSD (3 point) licenses.

Alternatively you could think about an element for example phpGrid, but this isn't free.

Used to do myself requested this some month ago and also have examined a number of from the popular power grid solutions ( jquery, http://www.mysqlajaxtableeditor.com etc. pp ) particularly I had been searching for an Ajax-enabled power grid after i finally made the decision to produce my very own code because I've already a great knowledge of creating Ajax, php, MySQL etc. pp. Probably you need to take a look at http://www.mysqlajaxtableeditor.com because I have thought it was an easy but effective solution.