This really is slightly embarrassing. I am a professional developer working at among the large tech companies and I have not used at all a database. I have got a concept for any website I wish to build like a chance to learn and perhaps like a business, however i not have the slightest idea what database to make use of, not to mention how you can fix/debug the database after i encounter problems.

I am searching for a training course, an internet site, a magazine, etc., which will produce an introduction to modern database technology (SQL versus. NOSQL versus. relational versus. non-relational (I have only a vague idea what these even mean)). I am beginning by searching/wikipediaing many of these terms, but when you will find better, comprehensive assets available which i should know, I'd like to learn about them.

Please visit the next links , they're excellent assets for database: - Keep checking his publish, he creates excellent articles - This really is has information on SQL

Tell me if you're searching for any factor specific.

I needed to learn SQL after i began inside my company, i acquired SQL Server 2005 bible also it assisted us a lot!

If you choose to opt for a typical, relational model, the W3Schools Web site includes a great SQL tutorial. I learned plenty from their store after i needed the assistance (but still do, every so often).

David Kroenke-Database Processing(which is often used in database lecture in College of Aegen(Ege)).

I'd opt for a vintage book like Database Systems from Connolly & Begg or Fundamentals of Database System from Elmasri & Navathe and employ Google to educate yourself around the condition from the art for example NOsql databases.