I presently use Toad for MySQL to complete random queries on my small MySQL databases, however it just appears like this tool is much more targeted for those who wish to really write SQL scripts, instead of simply using it to create one-line queries and find out results.

Really the only problem I've with Toad is the fact that you will find major bugs if this involves switching servers and contains random (but frequent) periods if this states there's a question running once i execute a Choose statement and also the results happen to be displayed for 30 minutes. It offers a superior the choice to cancel the query, but which will take about another ten minutes before it cancels. I must keep exiting this program via Task Manager and beginning up again, that has pressed me within the edge.

I'd only use PuTTY to see the database, however it arrives very difficult to read due to text-wrapping (any tables using more than a couple of posts start wrapping around).

So I am searching for a totally free tool that will permit me for connecting to a number of MySQL servers, write a number of queries, and select which (or all) to complete, then display the outcomes, one record on a single row without any text wrapping. I am using Home windows 7 Professional and hooking up to MySQL databases dwelling on Ubuntu servers, usually hooking up via SSH, but I am i could work out how get it done with TCP as needed.

I'm able to accept it if Toad is my best option, but I am wishing there is something available that better suits me.

My first choice could be


I've been utilizing it for some time also it virtually serves the reason and it is free.

The very best tool I understand is Navicat. Sadly not free following the thirty day free trial. A non-commercial licence for that Home windows version is just $99 though.