I'm searching to produce a website much like http://www.fmylife.com. I do with minimal effort if at all possible, and steer clear of needing to create my very own custom content management systems. I've come across a couple of community microblog scripts but these perform poorly or are overkill with this task. I had been wishing someone could recommend an answer that's wordpress oriented to resolve this problem.


[SOLVED: I'm just likely to write my very own variation...]

Use a pre-made content management systems for example Wordpress or Drupal or Joomla with blog module (however it is not any near to what you would like). Or else you could make your own one making as similar as you would like to FML. Anyway, despite what you believe, FML is not the perfect or original. It should not be very difficult to create should you really understand how to write php scripts. I can not and that i not have the time for you to make it for you.

I do not fully realize how Wordpress is coded, i simply required phone template system but little else. For any Wordpress-oriented question check out the StackExchange Wordpress site linked inside a comment below.

Company, please, don't trust individuals scripts and microblog online. They're mostly bad-coded and filled with vulnerability. If you need to make use of a content management systems please play one which has a great community behind the scene.

And don't forget that copying is wrong, taking inspiration is more preferable.

Appears like you are trying to find microblogging software. You did not mention what's missing inside your current list or what it's that's overkill. But take a look here: [cde]

Fmylife.com is sort of a micro-blogging system. If you are acquainted with Wordpress you can test this : http://techinch.com/2010/11/01/turn-your-wordpress-blog-into-a-tumblr-style-tumblog-for-free/

It transform your wordpress right into a tumblr clone. Tumblr is a very good micro-blogging system, with bookmarklet and all sorts of...

Information Essential For a good Significant Answer:

What's the type of content you'll publish?

Are you going to write everything or have contributing factors?

Will these contributing factors be staff, co-employees, or random people from the world?

Would you mean 'like fml.com's design', or 'like fml.com's content', or 'like fml.com's model'?

Do you want groups, tags, custom taxonomies, posts, and pages, plugin's and styles?

What specific systems perhaps you have investigated, but found not adequate enough?