I am beginning to build up programs using rails, I'm designer turning developer.

I haven't find yet a rails hosting simple to use.

I attempted mediatemple as well as their RoR container, appears super easy within the user interface: just press a control button and you've got the application running. However they do not have sqlite3, transformed to mySQL and that i still cant result in the site work.

Now I attempted slicehost. Excelent chat support, however is not things i am searching for. I donĀ“t wish to configure everything by hand within the command line on your own.

I simply do not want a lot of configuration options. Among the finest to operate the programs I've produced during my mac.

Simplicity. Is not it what's rails about?

I'll try now heroku, perhaps you have tried on the extender?



I believe Heroku may be the easiest and quickest method to deploy a Rails application at this time. You should use the free arrange for testing reasons and evidence of concept. Then, you will find more plans obviously for real life usage, but you may also begin with the free plan and judge later if you are planning to stay together or visit a devoted/VPS solution later on.

With Heroku, you're preserving your application inside a Git repository. Implementing your latest changes is as simple as giving a push command. For instance:

git push heroku master

If things are OK, after that you can hit the application. For instance in case your application was known as mysuperapp you can visit it following:


There's a choice obviously to utilize a custom domain title if you would like.

To date I'm pleased with Heroku, for which I apply it (testing, small applications for private use). I've not attempted their compensated plans yet though.