Does anybody know where I'm able to look for a thorough Versus 2010 Database Project sample. I've searched the web and am still not able to locate any sample Versus database projects.

Maybe this little walkthrough (MSDN) is what you're searching for: Walkthrough: Put an Existing Database Schema Under Version Control.

These walkthrough is dependant on the sample database AdventureWorks2008. How you can install and configure the sample database is referred to by another walkthrough. Due to the web link limitation I can not publish the hyperlink but you'll find it by google: "Walkthrough: Setting up the AdventureWorks Database".

If you're searching for more information I suggest you the next document in the Microsoft ALM Rangers: Visual Studio 2010 Database Projects Guidance Document.

Examine the code samples on MSDN. Unsure of what type of database projects you are searching for, but there's a category for Entity Framework.

EDIT: Also, you might like to take a look at this sample chapter that introduces towards the fundamentals of database projects, and this MSDN code sample set.

in you will find lots of good examples, on of these is "Expens"