I am searching for an internet host which will allow me to operate a Haskell web application. VPS's appear appealing to me since run basically anything you like. But a few of the cloud hosts offer great scalability when it comes to hard disk drive space and bandwidth.

Does anybody are conscious of a number which will allow me to run exotic languages like Haskell but could also effortlessly scale in the hard disk drive space/RAM/bandwidth/CPU open to my host?

Should you simply want quite simple hosting with CGI, NearlyFreeSpeech.internet supports Haskell plus some other less frequent languages. Personally, i like their overall nonsense-free approach and sensible prices model (pre-pay metered charges, rather than the typical type of a set monthly charge, oversold server capacity, and absurd overage costs).

You will find a couple of caveats however, mainly they don't permit stand alone servers or persistent daemons, only things invoked via CGI from Apache. This may well be a problem for many Haskell web application frameworks.

Maybe this really is apparent, but you could use Amazon . com EC2. You will have full control, and certainly meets your requirement of effortlessly scaling up.

Theoretically you just need CGI/FastCGI support. I have had some luck experimenting with Happstack on the very fundamental Dreamhost account by using these instructions:

While non-trivial to obtain running, this web experiment proves that it's at minimum possible to operate Happstack programs on cheap hosting companies for example Dreamhost with nothing more than a spend account and CGI support.

I have only attempted this with toy programs, and do not understand how it would scale.

Apparently, you can get ghc running on Webfaction. You will find also threads about this within the Webfaction support forums, and also the admins/technicians are very willing to try and have great results, though it'c clearly not something they'd do as they are.