Presently, I'm using stand alone GUI tool DbSchema to create my database schema.

I love it since it can

  1. Generate SQL code.
  2. Have graphing take on my entire database schema.

alt text

However, I recognize the SQL code generate by DbSchema isn't being identified by PostgreSQL.

    lot_id    serial AUTO_INCREMENT NOT NULL,
    operator_name    text,
    machine_name    text,
    timestamp    timestamp,
    CONSTRAINT pk_lot_id PRIMARY KEY(lot_id)) 

    unit_id    serial AUTO_INCREMENT NOT NULL,
    fk_lot_id    serial NOT NULL,
    CONSTRAINT pk_unit_id PRIMARY KEY(unit_id),
    CONSTRAINT fk_lot_id FOREIGN KEY( fk_lot_id ) REFERENCES lot ( lot_id )) 

I recieve the mistake :

org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: syntax error at or near "AUTO_INCREMENT"

Can there be what other "just work" free tool will be able to use PostgreSQL, by supplying above 2 features?

I love the VisualUML/DBA package. It is not free but it definately is nice. It'll do what you're requesting and will also create the DB (together with your favorite DBMS) create/drop script for you personally.