A friend and I've been joined on the work for school, by which we should take a current site and update it to client specifications.

The client's website is the school journalism site, built on Joomla. They are presently utilizing an archaic version, and that we are moving their content to a different installation. Additionally for an overhaul towards the interface (which we're getting little difficulty with) the customer has requested adding some features.

  • Email subscription services
  • Moderated social commentary
  • Multimedia integration

For Email subscription services, we have made the decision on jNews, and following a preliminary check up on a brief do the installation appears to become a decent choice. The issue we have run into is by using another two feature additions.

My question basically is exactly what suggestions could SO offer of Joomla Extensions that offer moderated social commentary functionality, and multimedia (audio/video) integration, that play well together. I have checked out yvComment and jMultimedia for social commentary and multimedia integrations correspondingly, however jMultimedia breaks entirely (PHP throws the best) publish install, and yvComment is giving me head aches.

Some quick particulars around the functionality

  • Moderated social commentary I guess is quite straightforward. Something which supports possibly OpenID or similar. Site visitors can discuss articles, and other staff can review, and moderate (edit/remove) as necessary.
  • Multimedia integration can also be straightforward. Simply a chance to connect submitted or linked audio/video quite happy with articles. Gallery sights, along with other client side snazzyness can also be important, but can typically be sacrificed for better administrative integration.

I am only searching for suggestions, not comprehensive installation/personalization instructions, though I am definitely not in opposition to hearing any from individuals who've carried out such tasks effectively :) Thanks ahead of time!

I have used several email subscription services... I discovered AcyMailing to be the greatest. Especially if you need to do news letters frequently.

Moderated social commentary - jComment is a great option for adding leaving comments features towards the Joomla Articles. However, I suggest using non-native version of content management like K2. K2 is very effective CCK with lots of prepare features and it arrives with leaving comments features, social networking discussing and author pages.

I made use of several components for videos about last year. The very best one I discovered was hwVideoShare. It's a great video component much like Youtube with discussing, leaving comments, etc... I am unsure about audio.

If you want community component that has Video/Images/etc consider JomSocial. That factor is amazing.