I am searching for subversion(git is alright too) + hudson/jenkins + nexus + mysql hosting for my own use.

Does anybody offer such options as they are? Or even the only selection for me would be to rent a linux box and hang up it on my own?


Cloudbees comes with an offer: http://cloudbees.com/dev-features.cb

I'm not sure when they use Nexus or any other repository manager, but there's one incorporated to keep your personal items and also to cache exterior items.

Sonatype has additionally an offering: Sonatype Professional Suite, however i think, it is only for download. You can test it as being a SaaS, however i could not look for a regular Cloud offering.

You will find cheap virtual colo options. I personally use panix but know individuals who recommend linode you receive a cheap underpowered server for $15/20 per month but it's usually adequate for any personal server. Its always on, you are able to run whatever you can squeeze to the box.