I'm building an project on apache2 on the Ubuntu server. I personally use mod_ntlm to authenticate the home windows user around the host pc. That actually works perfect.

But i've got a couple of individuals with a MAC laptop which gives some problems. I'm now attempting to login to my website having a pc that's not became a member of within the domain. Basically do this with IE this really is not a problem however when i attempt it with opera the logon screen continues reappering.

I debugged just a little and i believe that opera want authentication for each page he loads (every css file, javascript,...) Because after i continue giving a AD password he provides the whole page eventually. I looked with wireshark which appeared to verify my story.

How do i repair it? I've put "NTLMAuthoritative" off but that did not perform a factor. I figured of redirecting my apache if he understands that NTLM fails or fallback to ldap authentication. However i did not find a solution )):

My apache conf

 <VirtualHost *:80>

  ServerName world wide web.mysite.be

  DocumentRoot /var/world wide web/TestApp2/public

  <Directory /var/world wide web/TestApp2/public>

     AllowOverride all

     Options -MultiViews

     RewriteEngine On

     AuthName "My Application"

     AuthType NTLM,fundamental

     NTLMAuth on

     NTLMAuthoritative off

     NTLMDomain mydomain.be

     NTLMServer S1Server.mydomain.be

     require valid-user

Hope yoy might help!