It is possible to way to see if jQuery is loaded using PHP?

I've two different plug ins in Joomla that load the jQuery JS, but when it's incorporated more often than once it doesn't work properly.

To describe the procedure a little more: Joomla provides an capability to intercept the HTML source prior to it being made, basically focusing on the origin code itself.

This really is while using function:

onPrepareContent(&lifier$row, &lifier$params, $limitstart)

$row may be the HTML content from the page that may be parsed.

I had been convinced that perhaps a preg_match perform try not to have greatly knowledge about it.

Even better, you are able to verify it with JavaScript after which combine it with the mind if missing.

   if (typeof jQuery == 'undefined') mind = document.getElementsByTagName("mind")[]

   script = document.createElement('script') = 'jQuery'

   script.type = 'text/javascript'

   script.src = 'js/jquery.js'