A customer of ours is presently using Rolescoper like a Wordpress wordpress plugin to handle users' use of various "private" pages and posts. However, Rolescoper hides posts/pages from view unless of course the consumer is drenched in. We are searching for a wordpress plugin that shows all of the posts/pages but shows a "access refused" message having a prompt to log-in later on.

Here's a listing from the demands verbatim:

  1. Create User Account: username/password
  2. Assign user to some page that's private
  3. I would like the non-public page to still come in the navigation, despite the fact that a person might not be drenched in.
  4. When a private page is clicked on, they're motivated to go in their username/password. After they do, they're then rerouted to that particular page.
  5. This could should also be relevant to document uploads

Any ideas? Used to do some Searching/Wordpress wordpress plugin searching with little luck.


Maybe instead of utilizing a wordpress plugin, try reworking your template to make use of is_user_logged_in?