I've discovered a number of material (books along with other stuff online) regarding how to make UML diagrams. Now I realize UML and also the diagramming (having a tool).

However, where I'm stuck may be the approach / methodology. My search for approach / methodology always results in using UML and which diagram fits where. Frankly my intent would be to understand how to start your way from putting lower the domain understanding (and just how) to drafting the blueprint from the system that's ready for using designers.

I truly don't care if it's UML (good if it's so) or otherwise. I ought to have the ability to communicate the prospective application's domain understanding, it's analysis and finally it's intended design in as obvious terms as you possibly can.

I believe there's no Cast in Stone method of carrying this out, however, I'm searching for potential approaches / methods. Please share pointers to the books / training material that's available with the objective.

Listed here are a couple of assets that might help:

  1. Domain Driven Design Rapidly (Free review of Domain Driven Design)
  2. Domain Driven Design

These assets cope with gathering the understanding from the Domain from domain experts, approaching with terms which are ubiquitous for everyone concerned, after which creating the programming model to match.

Furthermore, because you mention UML, and when you have not run into the next book yet, I recommend it:

Lastly, in additional general terms, I'd look further into Agile Development Methods.