the context: while content and copy protection is virtually a moot point, and I have heard every argument there's about right-context menu disable, the condition from the art is to have a page with JavaScript measures, after which in some way produce a Page wipe when the security is side stepped by crippling JavaScript.

A different way to say this really is "result in the content rely on continuous accessibility to JavaScript". My target is really a page wipe started within 1 second of JavaScript being disabled.

The techniques I am exploring are PHP for WordPress...and I am thinking about starting a procedure on-page load which baby wipes the page unless of course a JavaScript token exists to prevent the procedure. I additionally considered a technique which begins a procedure server side to rewrite the page content if err status could be shown to show JS disabled.

To be sure with @alessioalex. What you are requesting isn't feasible.

The only real way possible to continuously monitor anything on the web site is by using Javascript. And the only method to alter the page content after page load is by using Javascript. And when I have got Firebug installed (or even the developer tools for just about any other browser), I can tell the whole content of the site, as well as change your Javascript while it's running. I do not even have to turn Javascript off and away to disable your protection feature.

There's a limited quantity of protection you will get in the fundamental "disable context menu" function. It is not secure, however it does safeguard you from individuals who have no idea what they are doing or who can not be bothered down the sink their time getting past it.

But there's zero additional protection available from doing anything further than that inside a browser atmosphere, because all of your code and graphics can be found which is trivial for any user with even limited understanding to access it.

If a person knows enough to test switching off Javascript (and when they are determined enough to access your code to achieve that) then you need lost the fight.

You say you've heard every argument about copy protection on the internet, but when you are asking this you clearly haven't understood individuals arguments.

Main point here: If copy protection is the fact that vital that you you, a web site may be the wrong atmosphere for the content.

Most likely not something you're searching for, because the workaround with this technique is always to use IE, but later on you could use CSS Transitions to schedule "disappearance" from the content and totally reset it with JS periodically :)